E.D.S. Couriers are an APC (The Alternative Parcels Company Ltd) and PalletForce depot, with 2 branches in Cannock and Stoke, in Staffordshire. With a large fleet of vehicles the organisation has been experiencing various challenges with its fleet, including:

  • Substantial speeding incidents across all drivers
  • 50/50 claims taking a long time and no video evidence to prove the event
  • Insurance premiums at a high
  • No visibility for head office managers on the drivers whereabouts

The Trial

E.D.S. Couriers & E.D.S. Stoke LTD handle over one million parcels each year with a promise to 'treat every single parcel with the same high levels of care and attention your products deserve'. Keen to look at solutions to the challenges of running a fleet of 85 LCV’s, 22 HGV’s and 6 Cars they trialled Parksafe's On Demand platform with the following products.

LCVs: 5 Camera Vehicle Camera System with Full Telematics Suite & Driver Behaviour Reports
HGVs: 7 Camera Vehicle Camera System with Remote Tachograph Downloads & Driver Behaviour Reports
Cars: Front and rear 1080p 4G Dash Camera with Telematics and Driver Behaviour reports

The Benefits


  • Health and safety compliance for drivers – as the managers are able to monitor breaks from tachograph.
  • Reduced chance of accidents due to driver behaviour changes from the presence of Cameras and Telematics.
  • Ability to eliminate potential incidents from Telematics prior to the event.


  • Full 360 degree visibility for the drivers when manoeuvring in built up areas.
  • Full visibility for Fleet Managers as they can track the locations of their vehicles as well as knowing who is driving each vehicle due to the Driver ID Tag.


  • Ability to remotely download video footage from anywhere in UK or Europe.

High quality service

  • Customers receive best quality service as a result of having GPS co-ordinates and video footage of where parcels have been left.

Financial savings

  • Better driving, less incidents and fewer speeding events result in reduced insurance premiums.