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Everything you need to know about the Direct Vision Standard

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for HGV’s has been created to improve the safety of all road users, particularly pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

A hefty fine will be given to both the operator and the driver if your vehicle enters greater London without a DVS safety permit after the 1st of March 2021 (it has been delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak this year).

Parksafe have a comprehensive range of Direct Vision Standard equipment that complies with DVS legislation and available from stock.

The equipment required to meet the requirements will consist of:

  1. A fully operational blind spot camera monitoring system with an in cab monitor.
  2. A side detection sensor system with driver alerts to be fitted to the near side of the vehicle.
  3. An audible *left-turn alarm to be fitted to the vehicle to warn road users when the vehicle is manoeuvring left.
  4. Side-underrun protection with class V and VI mirrors.
  5. External pictorial stickers and markings shall be displayed on the vehicles to warn road users of hazards around the vehicle.

*All European left-hand side drivers will require the equivalent for the right-hand side blind spot.

DVS (Direct Vision Standard)

  • Audible Alarm “This Vehicle is Turning Left”
  • 4 Sensor Side Detection Kit with Buzzer
  • Speed Indictor Switch
  • Nearside Blind Spot Camera
  • 7″ Dashboard Monitor
  • Blind Spot Signs

FORS Compliant Kits

  • 7″ Dashboard Monitor
  • Nearside Blind Spot Camera
  • Offside Blind Spot Camera
  • Heavy Duty Rear Camera
  • Front Facing Camera
  • 4 Channel Mobile Digital Video Recorder
  • 960GB SSD (Solid State Drive) Hard Drive
  • 4 Sensor Side Detection Kit with Buzzer
  • Audible Alarm “This Vehicle is Turning Left”
  • White Noise Reverse Alarm
  • FORS Warning Sticker
  • Speed Indicator Module

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