S7 Stolen Vehicle Tracker

On Demand battery-powered, magnetic asset recovery device
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PROTECTION Against Theft

Car theft continues to surge at a staggering rate, DVLA data revealed that in 2022 58,082 vehicles were stolen – per day! That’s an average of 159 vehicles and 1,117 a week. Surprisingly 42% of vehicles are taken from close to the owner’s home, so even if you’re parked on your driveway, it remains at risk!

Having your vehicle stolen, whether it’s personal or part of an operations fleet can be an extremely inconvenient, stressful, and costly experience.And with theft rates continuing to rise, every single day, you need to protect yourself with the best tracking device possible to help keep your vehicle safe from theft.


DESIGNED FOR: Vans, Trailers, Plant, Caravans and High Value Assets

Ideal for vans, trailers, plant and caravans, the S7 Tracker helps solve the traditional problem of tracking devices being easy to find and remove by magnetically attaching anywhere on a vehicle or asset.

The S7 Tracker was developed to offer you cost-effective peace of mind that your high value assets are protected and recoverable in the case of theft.

Its flexible magnetic mounting system and once daily standard reporting frequency, make it extremely tricky to locate, even with GPS detectors. Combined with automatic tamper and motion alerts, this significantly reduces the chances of your asset being removed without your knowledge.

Should the worst happen and one of your high value assets is stolen, the S7 Tracker gives you the best possible chance of recovering your property. GPS tracking is backed up by cell-ID based location information, giving you a secondary tracking option where GPS isn’t available.

The device is also linked to our On Demand network so, should you want help recovering your asset, a recovery service with an average 1 hour national response time can be deployed to ensure your asset doesn’t get far.



How to Charge your MagTrack

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