Full Telematics suite with Driver Behaviour Reports

Live tracking to follow your fleet

Why Telematics?

Safety should be at the forefront of every fleet manager’s mind, bringing employees home safely at the end of a day is where our focus lies. Dangerous driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and unnecessary acceleration significantly contribute to road traffic incidents but also negatively impacts fleet running costs. Improving the safety of your fleet will save lives, reduce fuel/maintenance and insurance costs from day one.

By using a fleet management system such as Telematics, fleet managers will benefit from improved driving styles,  reduced fuel consumption, wear and tear and insurance claims.

Driver behaviour reports ensure that good driving is at the forefront of your drivers minds and gives you instant access to your fleets whereabouts 24/7.

How does Fleet Telematics work?

A GPS tracking device will be installed in each vehicle of your fleet, this will transmit tracking data. The tracking device communicates real-time data using 3G or 4G networks. This information is sent to our Parksafe On Demand web based fleet management portal. The portal gives fleet managers  access to valuable information  anytime, anywhere.

The fleet operator is able to receive real-time tracking information including location, direction, speed, idle time, start/stop, and G-Sensor events. Allowing them to run and manage more efficient fleet operations proactively.

Improving driver performance with Fleet Telematics

Parksafe On Demand Telematics offer an extensive Driver Behaviour reporting system that allows you to download manually or schedule reports daily, weekly or monthly. You can then evaluate how your drivers are behaving out on the road. The report highlights any harsh acceleration, harsh braking, Speeding, night driving and urban driving.

Monitoring driver  behaviour is easy on the Parksafe On Demand web portal and via the use of associated vehicle safety solutions that we offer.

Data collected can be used to increase awareness of unsafe driving and help by implementing initiatives to encourage  safer driving within the business.

Live reporting suite including

  • Speed limit
  • Business miles
  • Daily start / end
  • Time on site
  • Vehicle idling
  • Geo Fence & POI alerts

Optional Add Options

  • Optional remote immobilisation
  • Driver identification
  • Temperature sensor
  • Driver feedback unit

Multiple Hardware Options

  • Keypad entry tracker
  • Trailer tracker
  • Asset tracker
  • OBD tracker
  • Tacho HGV tracker
  • 4G dash camera with telematics
  • Integrated LIVE view cameras

Tachograph Download

A manager who has a fleet to look after can have vehicles and drivers spread across the whole country and it can be a nightmare to manually collect tachograph files. With the Parksafe On Demand web based platform you will be able to work smart and more efficiently by scheduling remote downloads without leaving your desk!

Save on both admin time and vehicle downtime. Schedule remote downloads of your driver and vehicle tacho files 24/7 and as often as you’d like.
Your Vehicle Unit and Driver Card files can be linked directly to your tachograph analysis provider without having to lift a finger. The system is fully integrated and supported by all major Tachograph analysis providers across UK & Europe.

From our Parksafe On Demand Tacho dashboard you will have live visibility of the real-time Tacho status of all drivers. Any driving infringement warnings and those drivers with the least or most remaining driving hours. Order drivers by most remaining driving hours by day, week or two weeks for the most efficient use of your and their time.

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